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Placement Office


To enhance student skills and practical experience that sets them on a steady progression in their career path.


Is to provide career services to graduating students, alumni and for the employers to develop skills, provide opportunity and offer access to talented candidates for the workplace.

The Student Placement Office provides the following career services:

  • Career Advising
  • Career Enhancement
  • Job Opportunities
  • Career Fair
  • Internship
  • Alumni
  • Survey
  • MOUs


Career Advising

Career Advising is a process that focuses on supporting students to recognize their skills and potentials as well as study work trends, to provide knowledge-based and well-rounded advice to students who are about to enter into various industries.

Career Advising helps manage a diverse range of problems such as low concentration levels to poor time management, trust issues, etc.

We offer advising for our alumni and current students in which they can make appointments for the following services (Career Advice, CV Review, Job opportunities to enhance the career path and general inquiries).

Student Placement Office provides students and alumni with the essential support and guidance for their career by conducting training programs, workshops, and webinars in coordination with experts who are specialized in their respective fields.

To book an appointment please send an email to

Career Enhancement
  • Offer a range of short courses and training programs.
  • Design skills-based workshops to help students develop and grow.
  • Plan and execute different lectures and seminars that focus on work challenges.
  • Recognize and plan special programs for alumni who are ambitious and have potential leadership.


Student Placement Office organizes different workshops every semester for 4th year students and alumni to prepare them for the work environment.

Job Opportunities Announcement

Student Placement Office announces different job vacancies for all students and alumni every semester which comes through the companies that are interested in CU Ajman students.

Human Resources department of CU Ajman works with the Student Placement Office to announce job vacancies for alumni.

We have a wide range of CVs of our students and keep them in our database for checking, modifications and future usage.

For more information please send an email to

Career Fair

Student Placement Office has organized career fairs for students to provide them an opportunity to meet the different companies and submit their CVs for placement or internship opportunities.


CU Ajman alumni are always included in announcements for different updates and services.

  • CU Ajman alumni can access university facilities and services.
  • CU Ajman alumni are invited in all the events and activities.
  • CU Ajman alumni are contacted for any new programs or workshops held.

 For any inquiry please send an email to

Employer/Partner (MOUs)

Student Placement Office is keen to create relationship with companies by signing MOUs for mutual collaboration that aims to provide placement and internship opportunities for CU Ajman students and at the same time gives the opportunity to the companies to hire talented students.

Communicating and meeting with different companies are continuously conducted on weekly basis.

List of MOU’s:
Company Name
Ajman Chamber of Commerce
Ajman club for Disabled
Ajman Department of Tourism
Ajman Education Zone
Ajman Free Zone
Ajman Media City Free Zone
Ajman Municipality & planning Department
Ajman Police
Aster Clinics
Bin Ham Educational Group
Engineering Techniques Services
Mantissa University (Articulation Agreement)
Mountain Gate Realty
Public Transport Corporation-Ajman
Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance Company
Umm Al Quwain Court
AAFAQ Islamic Finance
Afghanistan Consulate General
Ajman Bank
Ajman News
Ajman University (Annex)
Emirates Creative Society
Ewan Group
Fairmont Ajman
MENA University of Management
Michigan-Flint (Articulation Agreement)
MOH Ajman
Ramada Beach Hotel
Ramada Hotel & Suites
Safa International Trade
Sandooq Al Watan
Saudi German Hospitals
Sharjah Police
Splash Gulf LLC
Umm Al Moumineen Women’s Association
University Of Girona (Collaboration Agreement)
Ajman Speciality General Hospital
Makkah Group of Pharmacy
House of Justice – Ajman
Human Appeal International
Cayan Group Holding LLC
Ajman Private School
R Hotels (Ramada Downtown Dubai – Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Dubai)
Bin Sina Group Pharmacy
Department of Tourism Development – Ajman
IBN Sina Group Phramacies LLC
Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation
Connect Resources
Fazaa LLC
Al Hikmah Private School
IAS Accounting
Injaz UAE
Al Hinyamy Production
The Internship

The internship is a course given to students who have completed 90 credit hours. This course is mandatory for all undergraduate students at CU Ajman. It is a field training related to the program. The internship course allows the students exposure of actual working practicality that supports them after graduation.

Internship Hours by Major
  • Law: 40 hours
  • HRM:120 hours(Arabic & English)
  • Finance & Accounting: 120 hours
  • Marketing: 120 hours
  • Management Information System:120 hours
  • Public Relations in Arabic: 120 hours
  • Advertising in Arabic: 120 hours
  • Hospitality Travel and Tourism: 375 hours
  • PDT: Full semester per school year.

These hours can be divided throughout the semester as per convenience.

Start date of the internship is flexible but within the registered semester.

Training & developing

We provide our alumni and students with assistance in career development by offering the below resources to help the alumni and students to get a successful startup in their career life this includes:

  • job search
  • professional development workshops, events
  • Career fairs and conferences.

For other updates on Job opportunities, Workshops & Events, Further Education, and Alumni Registration contact the Student Placement Office on

Finding a job

For career planning and placement, kindly contact the Student Placement Office:

Alumni services:

Our alumni are eligible to have access for all city university facilities by holding the ID Card of the Alumni, and also by having access to the email ID which will Allow them to be part of CU Ajman community

Our Alumni can also take part of our following activities

  • Workshops
  • career fairs
  • Events



Students who have successfully completed 90 credit hours are eligible to register for the internship course. We provide our students a similar environment of the real work place experience.

Students can complete the course requirement as per the options below:

  • Finishing the internship period as following, (120 hours) for all BBA students, and (375 hours ) for Hospitality & Tourism Management students,and (40 hours) for law students in any organization
  • They will be eligible for equivalency if they have more than one year working experience at a position related to their major

For more information please visit student placement office

Counseling appointments:

we offer consultation for our alumni and currents students in which they can book appointments for the following services (internship , placement opportunities ,CV writing  and general enquiries)

Please check the calendar below to book upcoming appointment.

Current Students

Students are provided a wide range of services to develop skills and enhance their readiness for the workplace through counseling, workshops, events, internship program and student employment in the university.

  • Counseling appointments
  • Internships
  • Student Employment
  • Workshops & Events


We provide our alumni with assistance in career development by offering the needed resources to be successful. This includes job search, professional development workshops, career fairs and conferences. For updates on Job opportunities, Workshops & Events, Further Education,  and Alumni Registration contact the Student Placement Office on


Companies now have access to a wide pool of talented candidates to recruit from for internships, short-term and long-term employment. We offer employer-related services such as building relations with the university, campus interviews, company presentations, announcing internships and job opportunities to students, participation in workshops and events.


Placement Office
City University Ajman
P.O.Box: 18484, Ajman, UAE
Tel: +971 (0) 6 731 5000