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Licensed by: Ministry of Education - Higher Education Affairs  |  مرخصة من: وزارة التربية والتعليم - شؤون التعليم العالي
CU Ajman has renewed its licensure in year 2021  | لقد تم تجديد ترخيص الجامعة في عام 2021
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About Us

City University Ajman (CU Ajman) is an institution of higher education, licensed by the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs in the United Arab Emirates.

CU Ajman is a part of R Education and Academic Development (READ). READ is a subsidiary of R Holding dedicated to education and establishing educational institutes in the Northern Emirates. It contributes to the advancement of the UAE by producing students of acknowledged quality. READ entered the education sector in 2012 with the establishment of CU Ajman and expanded its contribution to education with the opening of City School in 2017.


It encourages an education system centered on critical thinking, innovation, and creativity, as well as a high level of employability for its graduates regionally and globally. Our students have access to a wide range of educational programs in the humanities and social sciences, informatics, engineering, and health sciences. Furthermore, by promoting research and scholarly activities and community engagement, the university contributes to developing the knowledge economy.


Why Enroll In Our University?


Holistic Environment

CU Ajman offers a comprehensive learning environment that promotes research, innovation, and personal development. It gives students the knowledge, opportunities, and support required to achieve personal goals, become leaders in their respective fields and positively contribute to society.

Diverse Nationalities

The university has a diverse student and faculty body, with over 50 nationalities represented on campus. The university aims to prepare students for the global market by providing an international, holistic learning experience and environment.

ISEP and AACSB Membership

The university is also one of the few institutes in the GCC that is a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), a Washington, DC-based organization. It offers students the opportunity to study abroad at over 300 universities world
wide through its student exchange program. CU Ajman is also a member of AACSB International (AACSB). This organization brings together educators, students, and businesses to work toward a common goal, improving the quality of business education around the world.

Licensed And Accredited

The institute is licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs, UAE, under the name of City University Ajman to award degrees in higher education.


Goals And Strategy

Goal 1: Enhance Student Success

Develop teaching and learning and academic support services with a strong focus on providing graduate and undergraduate students with an outstanding experience throughout their lifecycle at CU Ajman.

Strategy 1: Apply pedagogical methods that will engage students across the curriculum and improve learning

Strategy 2: Restructure academic and career advising to improve student employability

Strategy 3: Enhance Faculty and Staff Development.

Strategy 4: Provide financial scholarships and improve degree completion rates for undergraduate and graduate students.

Goal 2: Increase Research Output

Increase innovative research and scholarly works among faculty of all programs that will impact the economy and society locally, regionally, and internationally.

Strategy 1: Increase resources and support to enhance research growth and demonstrate recognition for interdisciplinary research and creative works.

Strategy 2: Target research and development initiatives that impact the economy and employability.

Strategy 3: Encourage undergraduate and graduate students to develop innovative and creative projects and scholarly works.

Goal 3: Broaden University Exposure

Advance the internationalization of City University Ajman focuses on students as global citizens and creates international strategic partnerships.

Strategy 1: Articulate and prioritize the internationalization of institution-wide strategic plans. 

Strategy 2: Develop policies to increase international enrollment and the number of current students engaging in international higher education experiences.

Goal 4: Streamline Processes to Improve Effectiveness

Construct a professional culture that enjoys work and is characterized by effective, efficient processes and trust to achieve greater institutional effectiveness.

Strategy 1: Improve information technology infrastructure to meet future technology-related needs of the University.

Strategy 2: Develop processes that enable academic departments to efficiently update curriculum, solve problems, and work collaboratively across programs to meet future learners’ needs better.

Goal 5: Enhance Community Engagement

Increase local community engagement and strengthen institutional social responsibility.

Strategy 1: Develop policies to enhance faculty and staff participation in community engagement.


Fundamental Values



Keeps us focused on our values and ensures we reach our goals.


Stimulates and inspires us to push boundaries.


Keeps us focused and ready for developments and implementations.


Adhere to the highest standards of values and ethics.


Commits us to push ourselves and making the best use of our abilities in all areas: physically, socially, intellectually, and ethically.


Gives us the tools, training, and information needed to improve performance continuously.


Challenges us to work collaboratively and develop a comprehensive view as one united team under one mission.


Allow us to understand and appreciate the contributions of every person in our community and value diverse perspectives.


Enables us to build a community that respects, welcomes, and appreciates differences amongst people. It promotes a positive learning environment that engages faculty, staff, and students.


Bind us to the correct conduct that benefits individuals and society as a whole.

Our Vision

As one of the leading institutes in Ajman, we aspire to be a nationally, regionally, and internationally recognized institution of higher learning.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a competitive fee structure and long-term, high-quality, market-driven degree programs that promote individual development.


Our Journey

Located in the emirate of Ajman, CU Ajman has been officially licensed since 1 August 2011. It received initial accreditation in January 2012 for a BBA degree program with two specializations: Finance and Accounting and Marketing. The semester started with 45 students and 7 faculty members. Since then, CU Ajman has expanded rapidly.

In Fall 2018, the university had 60 full-time faculty members, 2050 students of diverse nationalities enrolled in 5 programs and 17 specializations, and 1010 students who graduated in the last 3 years. In September 2017 the University became a member of AACSB, an international accrediting agency for business schools. This tangible success has resulted from the dedication of the management, faculty, and staff members. In 2015, CU Ajman commenced the construction of its State-of-the-Art new campus in the city of Ajman. Phase 1 of the campus was completed in November 2017 with a capacity of 3500 students. Phases 2 and 3, when completed, will have a total ability of 7500 students. In mid-December 2017, CU Ajman moved to its new campus.

CU Ajman is strongly committed to offering top-quality educational programs that will significantly and positively impact society. The University’s strategic plan for 2018-2023 explains how it will continue on its path of success amid internal and external challenges. The program’s focus is to build on previous efforts to enhance the student experience and research and improve the effectiveness of internationalization strategy and internal processes. It defines how CU Ajman will steadfastly move with continuous improvement for all stakeholders. Delivering this plan will require responsiveness to changes on the part of the Board, faculty, administrative staff, and students in both the internal and external environments. CU Ajman submitted a renewal of institutional accreditation to the Commission for Academic Accreditation in the Ministry of Education on March 31, 2020.