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Licensed by: Ministry of Education - Higher Education Affairs  |  مرخصة من: وزارة التربية والتعليم - شؤون التعليم العالي
CU Ajman has renewed its licensure in year 2021  | لقد تم تجديد ترخيص الجامعة في عام 2021

Student Council

The Student Council is made up of selected students with leadership skills who have been voted in to be the voice of the student body. They form a bridge between the university management and the students by carrying out projects and university activities that contribute student wellness, welfare and community engagement keeping in line with the university vision.

  • The primary purpose of the Student Council is to serve as a recognized forum for student opinion. The Student Council is elected annually by the student body.
  • The Student Council operates within the laws of the United Arab Emirates and follows the procedures established and adopted by CU Ajman.
  • Activities: The activities of the Student Council include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Assisting CU Ajman in identifying the interests, programs, and goals of the student majority.
    • Communicating those interests, programs, and goals of the student majority to CU Ajman.
    • Assisting CU Ajman in providing students with programs to meet the needs of its students.
  • Election: The elections are conducted according to the Election Code of the Student Council.


Amina Zubair Shaikh

Business College Marketing Major

Vice President

Mawadah Abobakr Omar Mubarak

Media College Public Relations Major


Mohammed Kamal Salem Bin Kuwair

Media College Public Relations Major


Aroob Iftikhar Iftikhar Iqbal

Business College Marketing Major


Amani Saeed Jumaa Saeed Alzaabi

Media College Advertising Major


Sameera Arshad Baig

Business College Finance and Accounting Major