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CU Ajman Library

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CU Ajman Library


The CU Ajman Library is committed to providing and promoting adequate information to students and faculty in providing transformative teaching, and research as well as to strengthen and enhance the service of the University. 

The library promotes academic growth and vision by developing collections, and facilitating access to information resources, effective use of information resources and critical evaluation skills.



CU Ajman Library aims to create a friendly environment that encourage learning for all students and faculty members, by giving access to a wide range of information. Assist the students with the 21st-century skills, and the attributes they need to embrace change and participate constructively in the global society of a rapidly changing world.

How to Access Liberty Application



The Library of Congress Classification (LC). It is used by most research and academic libraries in the U.S. and several other countries and the one being use at CU Ajman Library.


1. Explanation of LCC Symbols

The Library of Congress Classification (LCC) The classification was invented by Herbert Putnam in 1897, just before he assumed the librarianship of Congress. It was designed specifically for the purposes and collection of the Library of Congress to replace the fixed location system developed by Thomas Jefferson.



2.What is a Call Number

LCC uses a mixed alphanumeric notation of the Roman capital letters, Arabic numerals, and a dot (.) to construct call numbers. A single letter denotes a main class and most subclasses are designated by double letters.

3.How to Read the Call Number


Book title: Uncensored War: The Media and Vietnam
Author: Daniel C. Hallin
Call Number: DS559.46 .H35 1986

The first two lines describe the subject of the book. DS559.45 = Vietnamese Conflict

The third line often represents the author’s last name. H = Hallin

The last line represents the date of publication.



Library Catalog

CU Ajman library uses a library system called Liberty This is the system that we are using for the Circulation Section and Cataloging Section of the Library. This system has user interface where the students and faculty members can send request for renewal via email and they receive reminders of the book’s due date. They can also access the database anywhere via


General Section Books
All the books that can be found in the General Section can be checked out of the Library. These includes subjects from A-Z based on Library of Congress Classification with the exception of law books. The general collection can be found at the 1st Floor of the Main Library.

Law Books Collection
CU Ajman library offers a wide-range of collection (books, articles and theses) pertaining to laws of the UAE and international laws. These books can be found at the 2nd Floor of the Main Library

v  Reference Materials
The reference materials are not allowed to be checked-out of the library and these are the following:

  • Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
  • Journals and Periodicals
  • Textbooks
  • Legal works and Theses
  • Research Archives



Library Hours

Sunday – Saturday 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM
Holidays Closed


The Library is open Sunday through Saturday during the hours noted above according to the library handbook. There are library staff available to assist you anytime. The Library will be closed on legal holidays, during authorized all-school activities, and special all-school events.


University Library Patrons

Patron Quantity Duration
Faculty 10 90 days
Staff 5 30 days
Enrolled Students 2 7 days

Library Borrowing Rules

We are using a library software called LIBERTY for the check-out system.

  1. When you check out/borrow materials, please approach the Librarians’ table.
  2. Give the book/material that you want to borrow and your full name or student id, the librarian will scan and check-out the materials before you leave the library

If the Librarian is not available, please wait until she returns at her desk.

Books are not to be carried out of the Library unless they have been properly checked out. Any deviation from this regulation may result in severe fines or in cancellation of Library privileges.

Other Borrowing/Library Rules:

  • Patrons must renew the borrowed books at the circulation desk or via
  • The fine for overdue books is AED 5.00 per day for each
  • Non-patrons are not permitted to borrow library
  • Guests must have proper authorization to use the library on temporary
  • Books that are not returned for more than one year are classified as LOST. A replacement fee for a lost book must be paid to restore library
  • Patrons cannot be allowed to borrow additional books until the overdue books have been returned and fines are
  • A patron who loses or severely damages borrowed library materials may either provide a suitable replacement or pay for the cost of the
  • You will be expected to CLEAN AS YOU GO, leave books stacked on tables and throw away all


WORD OF ADVICE: Never check out material in your name for someone else unless you are willing to be held liable. If material is lost you will be held responsible. If borrowed by you and loaned to another person you are still responsible. It is not the librarian’s duty to track the chain of borrowers from you to someone else. Return the items to the library for the other person to borrow.