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Licensed by: Ministry of Education - Higher Education Affairs  |  مرخصة من: وزارة التربية والتعليم - شؤون التعليم العالي
CU Ajman has renewed its licensure in year 2021  | لقد تم تجديد ترخيص الجامعة في عام 2021
OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Project Management

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Within its framework of professional development contributions, the City University Ajman (CU Ajman) pays considerable attention to sustainable professional development as an essential key to growth and progress. Initiating training programs and conducting training sessions can be seen as a genuine example. With quality training in mind, CU Ajman currently offers a number of courses intended to fulfill professional needs in the community. Stemming from this, CU Ajman has established a Career Enhancement Center.

Vision & Mission

To become the training provider of choice for public and private sector organizations. We design and deliver training solutions tailored to meet organizational and community requirements.

  • Offer a range of short courses and training programs.
  • Design skills-based workshops to help employees develop and grow.
  • Provide creative solutions to address business problems.
  • Prepare business leaders to effectively meet everyday challenges.

Note :

  • CEC programs are internationally recognized in the UK and these qualifications are not accredited or recognized by the ministry of Education within UAE.
  • CEC qualifications cannot be transferred to a CU Ajman degree program or any other university which is  accredited by the Ministry of education within UAE.

Methodologies & Approaches

Training Methodology and Approach

All current training approaches and methodologies should reflect eclecticism when it comes to selecting an appropriate methodological approach to use with a group of trainees. The appropriate training method is very much a hands-on approach, conducting each training session on its own merits, using what the participant knows as well as aims for in the training context, and employing all of the available tools. Such a methodology is process-based, in that it encourages trainees to be both active participants and explorers. Consequently, the approaches to be employed while conducting our training courses are very much based upon the principles mentioned above.

Training Materials and Resources

These include, but are not limited to, up-to-date books, journals, periodicals, magazines, websites, field and on-site visits, documented reports and projects, published research work, and conference proceedings.


To ensure that attainment targets have been fully met, Learners are all evaluated through a mixture of theoretical coursework and practical applications within the concerned fields. The taught element of the course is complemented by a substantial piece of research or purposeful project leading to the completion of an authentic work in a learner’s particular area of interest. To emphasize quality training, we ensure that our courses are evaluated on a regular basis by all involved parties. Participants also have the opportunity to rate the training they receive.

Why CEC?

  • Provides globally recognized qualifications from UK and Canada.
  • All vocational and professional programs are in line with international standards.
  • CEC is affiliated with top international universities
  • Provides an opportunity to study abroad in UK or Canada
  • Fast track option to getting a degree within 3 years
  • Accepts a minimum qualification of 10 th Grade High School Certificate
  • Promotes flexible access to education
  • Affordable tuition fees and flexible payment options
  • Dynamic faculty dedicated to teaching
  • Transportation available
  • Offers financial support and university grants to students
  • Highly qualified and diverse faculty dedicated to student’s success