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Useful Tips to Enjoy Your College Life to the Fullest

Not only have you decided to study in the UAE, but all the necessary formalities have been completed, and you are now prepared to embark on your journey and begin the next chapter of your life. Although each person’s experience will undoubtedly be unique, you and your friends most likely share the desire to maximize your time spent studying at the university. The following advice will help you prepare and enjoy this momentous occasion.


Manage Your Budget Well

While this may not be fun, you must ensure you have sufficient funds when studying in a foreign country. That means you can manage your fees, accommodation, and living cost. Students with support from their parents may not have to worry as much about fees, but you should keep your finances in check. To earn extra income, you could look for part-time jobs as they are flexible with the working hours.


Decide on Your Accommodation

When studying abroad, it’s crucial to consider where you’ll live and whether you’ll live with someone else or on your own. This has the power to make or break your experience. Make sure to carefully consider your options because home rentals frequently last between six and twelve months, making them long-term commitments. Sharing a home with someone who enjoys throwing parties might not be the best idea if you are a bookworm, and vice versa; if you are a very social person, you might get bored living with someone who prefers a quieter lifestyle.


Over 300 nationalities are represented in the UAE, each bringing a distinct culture and set of traditions. Although learning about other cultures can be a wonderful experience, this could also lead to conflict. Be sure to research and, if possible, contact the tenants or landlords beforehand to determine whether it is a good match.


Make Friends

Your college life is supposed to be your best life, and this is only possible when you have the right set of friends. They will provide you the emotional support and could be your guide, mentor, or just a partner in crime. They could also offer support and help in ways untold. This is especially crucial for those coming from a different country, as settling may take work for many students. Either way, having the right people will leave you with memories you’ll cherish for years. Enroll in City University Ajman, we have a diverse culture and offer excellent education.