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Association of Chartered Certified Accounts (ACCA) is the world’s leading body for professional accountants, with over 110 years of experience, innovation and excellence. ACCA stands alone with over 362,000 students and 150,000 members in 170 countries.



The UAE has the aspiration to become the leading financial services centerglobally. To achieve this vision, there is a government led drive to develop the national accountancy profession in the region.

To support the vision of the government, ACCA has signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement with theprestigious local accountancy body of UAE – AAA (Accountants and Auditors Association) to enhance the finance sector in the UAE by:

  • Sharing knowledge on key issues for the accountancy and finance professions in the UAE, the wider region and globally.
  • Implementing a national qualification – the UAECA (United Arab Emirates Chartered Accountant).
  • Collaborating on research and policy which will include the publication of jointly branded reports/survey on relevant local & global accountancy & finance topics.


What this means for ACCA members in the UAE

This partnership will enhance your recognition as a finance professional in the region with dual membership of ACCA and AAA. You will become part of an exciting and innovative network working towards developing a leading financial center in the UAE and the wider region. This is a very exciting time to be part of such an influential partnership and its success relies heavily on the knowledge and experience that you can bring to help develop the profession.


As an ACCA Member, you are eligible to apply for the membership of AAA at no additional cost. The process of applying for the AAA membership and the UAECA designation is given below:

What we are offering

We are offering at CEC the following qualifications

Filipino High School Graduates
Pakistani/Indian Curriculum: 10th Grade
British Curriculum: O levels/AS Level
Other Equivalent Qualification or Practical Experience
ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business
Filipino High School Graduate
Pakistani/Indian Curriculum: 10th Grade
British Curriculum: O levels/As Level
Other Equivalent Qualification or Practical Experience
Filipino High School Graduate
Pakistani/Indian Curriculum: 10th Grade
British Curriculum: O levels/As Level
Other Equivalent Qualification or Practical Experience
Three GCSEs and two A Levelsin five separate subjects including Mathand English or their equivalent
University Graduates



B.ScHons. Degree (Oxford Brookes University-UK)

ACCA and Oxford Brookes University (OBU) have worked together to develop a BSc in Applied Accounting, which is available exclusively to ACCA students who wish to obtain a degree while studying towards the ACCA qualification. BSc degree and ACCA professional qualification are a powerful combination of qualifications that put you in demand with employers and improve your career prospects.

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ACCA qualifications

Foundation Knowledge
F1Accountant in Business Diploma in Accounting and Business Advanced Diploma
in Accounting and Business
B. Sc (Hons) in Applied Accounting Oxford Brookes University ACCA Member/ UAECA
F2 Management Accounting
F3 Financial Accounting
Foundation in Professionalism Ethics Module
F4 Corporate and Business Law  
F5 Performance Management  
F6 Taxation  
F7 Financial Reporting  
F8 Audit & Assurance  
F9 Financial Management  
Professional Ethics Module  
Thesis to Oxford Brookes University along with IELTS Score 6.5
P1Governance, Risk & Ethics      
P2 Corporate Reporting      
P3 Business Analysis      
P4 Advanced Financial Management Choose 2 from P4-P7    
P5 Advanced Performance Management    
P6 Advanced Taxation    
P7 Advanced Audit & Assurance    
3 Years Practical experience

CBE Center

Computer Based Examination (CBE) Center

We are a Licensed Centre for ACCA CB Exams. The following Exams are available at our CBE Center

  • F1/BT- Business and Technology
  • F2/FMA- Management Accounting
  • F3/FFA-Financial Accounting
  • F4- Corporate and Business Law (ENG)
  • F4- Corporate and Business Law (GLO)
  • Please contact for CBE Bookings.


ACCA Registration and Exam Fees

Being ACCA Student, this is your responsibility to register yourself for ACCA and pay the exam fees. However one of our staff members may help you through the process.

Admission Requirements

ACCA Entry Requirements

Anyone is eligible to pursue the ACCA qualification but depending on their existent qualifications will start on a certain entry level:
Non-graduates need to have two A Levels and three GCSEs in five separate subjects (including English and Maths) so they can start at F1-F2-F3 level of the professional qualification.

Graduates may be eligible to claim some exemptions at F1-F9 level of the professional qualification if holding a relevant degree. Exemptions can be checked online at on the ACCA “exemptions enquiry database”. No exemptions will be given for the P1-P7 level of the professional qualification.

Students who do not meet any of the above conditions will have to start with “Foundations in Accountancy” (FIA) prior to the professional qualification.


Exam Progression Rules

At professional qualification level, students can attempt up to a maximum of 4 papers per examination cycle and subject to ACCA progression rules.
There are a two examination cycles per year:
1 February – 31 July (with exam in June)
1 August – 30 January (with exams in December)

As to progression rules, papers must be taken in accordance with the order of modules (Knowledge F1-F3 / Skills F4-F9 / Essentials P1-P3 / Options P4-P7) but papers within the same module can be attempted in any order. When entering for papers across modules (say papers from previous module still to be completed or re-taken), students need to register for the papers still left in a previous module along with any papers from next module.

For further information about qualification and study resources please click on below links.
Link1 Link2

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