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How City University Ajman Prepares Its Students for the Future

There should be no exceptions when it comes to education. More importantly, the institution you attend needs to make sure that you leave their program not just as a trained product but as a fully formed person with the skills you need to advance and be successful in your particular industry. At City University Ajman, we don’t believe in training our students but in preparing them for what’s to come.


Diverse Culture

At our university, we have students from various backgrounds and cultures. This makes students more socially aware and prepares them to work in MNCs, where they’ll have to interact with employees from different nationalities. This also aids in communication skills, so you represent yourself as a strong and confident individual. So, whether you plan on pursuing your career in Dubai or internationally, you will go with an open mind.


Organize Clubs

We believe that only education is not important. In order to develop your overall personality, we have a department that organizes clubs dedicated to arts, music, dance, or even debate. Through these programs, you find a community, network, make new friends and have fun. This is a chance for students to build their skill set. So even if academics are not your strong suit, you have other areas to pursue a career in and enjoy.


Event Organization

Apart from participating in these clubs, you can also present yourself with opportunities to explore yourself and your abilities by organizing events. More often than not, we have introverted students who can arrange the perfect event as they don’t have to be the main point of contact during the event. Such skills are ideal for working in fields where you can be behind the screen. It is another fun way to interact with people, learn new information, socialize and grow personally.


Counseling Services

We offer confidential counseling services for students at our university. The goal is to help students understand their strengths and maximize opportunities in various fields to help them grow academically and personally. It further aids in reducing stress and ensuring they are on the right path. This service is crucial for students who are often confused and unsure of their career choice.


Career Development Fair

We organize a career development fair each year where students are given opportunities to work in the field. Our campus invites renowned organizations from various industries so students can choose based on their goals and requirements. It is also a great way to network and build a connection so companies will remember you when they have a job opening.


In Conclusion

With these benefits at your disposal, you’ll be able to advance academically in your field while also socially developing through extensive exposure to and interaction with a wide range of people. You’ll also be able to build relationships and networks that will be useful to you as you pursue a career in your chosen field.