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تحديثات COVID-19

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COVID-19 Updates


Dear CU Ajman Community, 

As we welcome you to the new academic year 20-21, we want to acknowledge the resilience and cooperation our students, faculty and staff has displayed. During these difficult times, unification of each member has reflected the strength of the CU Ajman community. The President of the University, Mr. Imran Khan, has reached out to the university members to effectively amalgamate the human resources, IT services, operational functions etc., to ensure that the community is not impacted by the pandemic. Our staff and faculty have been working diligently to make sure no disruption is caused to classes through a smooth transitioning of all student services online. Our students have continued to make us proud as they adapt seamlessly from on campus classes to online instructions. 

Our University is committed to abide by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health’s directives and meticulously embed them in our day to day operations. We provide an adequate and reliable information system for students, faculty and staff, to use information technology and to access information resources. Our IT infrastructure focuses on staying in tune with the newest technology evolving according to the demands of our students and staff which in turn helps us advance our processes and improve services

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, CU Ajman has shifted all learning resources and IT services online within a short span of time, with embedding the below list of the applications which uphold students and faculty to have classroom-like learning experience in which they can share and collaborate with each other easily.

Below listed applications and solutions have been added with our existing university management system to enhance and improve our services:

  1. Learning management system (Moodle)
  2. Zoom for education integrated with Moodle
  3. Moodle integration with the University Management System including faculty and student’s portal for single sign one and course registrations process.
  4. Turnitin integration with Moodle 
  5. Respondus Lockdown browser and Monitor integrated with Moodle for online exams 

As we onset to the new academic year, your safety, health and well-being remains our utmost priority. Throughout the semester, the University will be taking informed decisions in order to mitigate exposure to coronavirus. In line with MOE and MOH directives, we mandate all the CU Ajman community members to comply with the set guideline. As the information is changing rapidly, please ensure to check your emails as well as the website to keep yourself well apprised. 

Stay healthy and stay safe! 


Facility Readiness Operational Plan

Screening for Symptoms of COVID-19

Screening for Symptoms of COVID-19

COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidelines

Workplace Safety Protocols

Workplace Safety Protocols

COVID-19 Procedures

COVID-19 Screening

Students can avail of the free PCR screening in their respective Emirate or at private hospitals.

COVID-19 screening locations in Ajman

Venue Timing Location
Al Bait Metwahid Hall (Sheikh Khalifa Banqueting Hall) 9am – 5pm (closed on Fridays)

Hamidiya, Ajman

Al Hamidiya Health Center 9am – 5pm (closed on Friday and Saturday) Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Street Humaideya 2


COVID-19 Test

Students coming to campus must take a PCR COVID-19 examination in order to be allowed on campus.

  • Students must download and register on the Al Hosn app
  • Share the test result with the University Nurse with 3 days of receiving the result
  • Only students with negative test results will be allowed on campus.


Entering the Campus

In order to attend classes on campus students need to comply to the below:

Students must complete the Health Declaration form and submit to Student Affairs Department at

Undergraduate students under the age of 23 must complete the Parent Undertaking and submit to Student Affairs Department.


Reporting COVID-19 Cases

Students who show symptoms of common cold should stay home and not come to the campus.

In case symptoms are observed while at the University, a medical staff is called immediately to take the temperature and the student is sent home. If there is a wait for transportation or due to any other reason, the student is sent to the isolation room that is set on the ground floor of the University. A PPE kit is a must to be worn by this individual and anyone who is within certain distance and/or escorting him/her.

In the case a student’s test result positive for COVID-19 s/he should immediately self-isolate and send the COVID test result along with the filled COVID Report form to and or call the hotline numbers 056-834- 3717or 055-594-4586 for guidance.

Contact tracing measures will be initiated for any student or faculty who have been within 1.5m of the student for over 15 minutes will be contacted to take a PCR test and start the 14 day isolation. Students can continue with online classes and lab classes will be put on hold, if required.

After the 14-day isolation period the student, and others in close contact, is to do another PCR test and send the test result to the University Nurse.

The final PCR test must be done 3 days after the first negative test result and the result should be submitted to the university nurse in order for the student to be allowed to the campus.

The Student Affairs department maintains a record of positive cases that is shared with the university nurse and the university security to track each case and the process.



Students who are absent from class, on and off campus must report it to the Student Affairs department the same day through

If the student is absent due to feeling unwell or showing symptoms of cold they must take the COVID-19 PCR test and report the result to the University Nurse.

Students with special health conditions shall be provided with options, such as distance learning opportunities, to reduce the risk of infection.

  • Students must notify the Student Affairs department of any chronic health conditions
  • Students must provide a medical report confirming their condition
  • University will verify and confirm medical report
  • Student will have lab classes on campus postponed to the following semester or follow a recorded lab class



CU Ajman ensures that all travelling students comply with the below:

  • Students must take a test at the airport upon arrival
  • Students must self-isolate for 14 days
  • Students must take another PCR test after 14 days and submit the test result to the University Nurse at the end of the isolation period

Student on campus notifies the Student Affairs department if they have travelled abroad.

Student should submit their itinerary and COVID result from the airport

Student is advised to continue distance learning and self-isolate for 14 days

Student is to do another examination and present a negative COVID-19 test result to attend lab classes

If a test is positive, the student must notify the university through the communicated channels and self-isolate for 14 days.



Step-by-step guide on how to access the following are available on the university YouTube channel:

  1. Library Catalogue
  2. Al Manhal and EBSCO host databases
  3. and all your concerns about E-books

Library Tutorial – English Version

E-library – YouTube



Registered students with lab classes on campus are allowed to use the university transportation.

Students must show their COVID-19 test to the bus driver to board the bus.

Students must follow the safety distance signs on the bus seats

Students must wear their mask at all times inside the bus.



A hotline number will be established for students to receive guidance and report COVID-19 positive cases.

Student Affairs department will continue to offer its counselling services through phone call and Zoom. Students can make an appointment through email to and attend online activities.


Career Advising

Career advising and services by the Student Placement Office will be available for students on and off-campus through phone call and Zoom. Students can make appointments or inquiries through


IT Services

IT Support will be available to students on and off-campus through

Tutorials on how to access the CU Ajman mobile app, classes and exams are available on the university YouTube page.

CU Ajman Mobile APP Download

IOS (ايفون )

Android  (اندرويد )

Video tutorial to discover the CU Ajman Mobile App features:

English: View the Video

Video tutorial on how to attend online classes:

English: View the Video


Financial Services

Students can pay their fees using the below modes:

  • Credit/debit Card
  • Cheques
  • Kiosks
  • Al Ansari Exchange
  • Deposits
  • Bank Transfer


Tutorial on YouTube Channel

Mobile App View Here (English)

Online payment View the Video

Credit or Debit Card

Students can pay by credit or debit card through a safe and secure online payment gateway powered by Network International that processes hundreds of thousands of secure credit card or debit transactions every day.

  1. Once payment is successful student will receive payment notification from Network International.
  2. Payment clearance will take 1 to 3 working days to reflect amount paid in mobile app/SOA.
  3. In case amount paid is not reflected on the mobile application students can email the Finance Department at

Post Dated Cheque (PDC)

You can follow below steps to register by submitting Post-dated Cheque:

PDC Drop Box

Cheque Drop box is placed at the entrance of CU Ajman, please see the following steps for depositing the cheque in the box:

  1. Write the name of University “City University Ajman” or “CU Ajman” on Cheque;
  2. Write down the amount due (in numbers and writing) in the designated fields;
  3. State the date on which the cheque is due and do not forget to sign in the box provided;
  4. Write your Student ID number at the back of the cheque;
  5. Place the cheque in the envelope. Write your full name, registration number and mobile number.
  6. Deposit it in the box and sealed it.
  7. Note: Please fill the cheque carefully and accurately to avoid returning the cheque from the bank.
  8. You will get call back from CU Ajman Accounts department for receipt of cheque in 2 to 3 working days.

KIOSK machine

Cheque can also be deposited in KIOSK machine.

Steps to Deposit

  1. Select your language;
  2. Enter Student ID;
  3. Select Mode of Payment “Cheque”;
  4. Cheque Date
  5. Enter cheque Number;
  6. Amount;
  7. Insert cheque into the machine and press red Button.
  8. System will proceed with your transaction and issue a receipt along with copy of the cheque.
  9. You will get call back from CU Ajman Accounts department for receipt of cheque in 2 working days to confirm your registration.

Al Ansari Exchange

Parents can pay fees through more than 170 branches of Al Ansari Exchange across the UAE, these branches are open from early morning until late at night, saving the time and effort of paying fees in the CU Ajman campus. Following are the steps for making payment:

  1. Visit any Al Ansari Exchange branch ( )
  2. Give below details at the counter along with the cash:
  3. University Name: City University Ajman;
  4. Emirates ID;
  5. Student Full Name
  6. Student ID
  7. Mobile number
  8. Take stamped Receipt before leaving the counter;
  9. Email Scanned copy of receipt to

It will take 1 to 3 working days to reflect amount paid in mobile app/SOA.

Al Ansari Exchange call Center Call Center – 600 54 6000


Commercial Bank of Dubai

Cash Deposit / Cash Deposit in CDM Local Funds Transfer

  1. Cash Deposit over the counter in any Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) Branch
  2. Branch List Click Here


Announcement to students

CU Ajman ensures to inform students of regulations pertaining to COVID-19 by relevant authorities for compliance.

Emails are sent from Student Affairs department to all students.


Vaccination Policies

Vaccination Drive

CU Ajman senior leadership, faculty and staff members getting the vaccination in conjunction with MOH

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COVID-19 Protocol

  • National Protocol for the Operation of Educational Establishments during the Pandemic – English
  • National Protocol for the Operation of Educational Establishments during the Pandemic – Arabic